Thorne Crafts is an independent business run by a very small handful of people. 

We are newly started, therefore we have lots of room to grow and we are open to all feedback. However, we have been crafting and perfecting these original products for a long time, too ensure they are held to a high standard. 

Our mission is to be there for everyones needs. We love to craft and make all sorts of pretty, practical things for all ages. The best part of handmade items is making it personalised. Picking out the colours, initials, tags and personal messages. Giving it that extra attention to detail makes each one unique and special. 

We stock a range of affordable products and hopefully in the future offer workshops and craft at home kits. We’d love to teach what we know to those enthusiastic to give crafting a try! 

We can’t wait to chat with you and see what you’re creating. Please feel free to message us with all your questions and queries. Or you can post on our group page to talk with similar crafty people with enquiries.